The Sigma 30mm f 2.8 and the Sony Nex 7: A sharp kit lens for $199: Samples with 100% crops


The Sigma 30mm arrived today, the first small-ish, standard prime for the Sony Nex series! The built quality is pretty good, the front element does not rotate and internal focus keeps the physical size of the lens constant. One thing I noticed immediately, internal rattle, lets call it Rattle Royale since I have never heard anything like that before in a lens. Once mounted, the rattle was gone. Obtaining auto focus in still mode produced a clicking sound generated by the aperture blades-comparable to the sound of death in a hard drive. AF speed was good but not exceptional. I really liked the AF behavior in video mode, super smooth without jumps and totally silent, almost human like. Samples with 100% crops after the break

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Rolling shutter jello comparison: Canon Eos 5D mark III, Sony Nex 7

Keep in mind this is an extreme test to demonstrate the rolling shutter effect, no one in their right mind would pan like this. However, there are plenty of real life situations when the jello effect suddenly becomes a problem, a fast train or car passing will have leaning windows and elliptical wheels, or watching a chase scene with moving camera and subjects will make you dizzy. Until we get global shutters, the jello effect is CMOS sensor’s biggest Achilles Heel. Screen grabs, updated with 100% crops after the break

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Canon Eos 5D mark III arrived today!


Just got home and there was the UPS package! Two things I noticed immediately, if you are a professional shooter, currently using the 5D2, the AF on the 5D3 is bloody awesome and that alone should be worth the upgrade. If video is your thing, the full HD feed to your EVF (Cineroid in the photo above) and the headphone jack are worth the upgrade. I have absolutely no opinion on image and video quality yet, but it is safe to assume that high ISO performance will be amazing. I am planning to test it over the next two weeks on assignments, check back for updates! Unboxing video after the break

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Digital Bolex: Zwickts mi, I man I dram!

Spotted on Philip Bloom’s blog, Joe Rubinstein and Elle Schneider are the minds behind this camera and it sounds like something out of Steven King’s 11/22/63, a digital Bolex, you read that right, shooting RAW at 2048×1152 (Super 16mm mode) on a Kodak CCD! No more jello! This dream machine will be reality by the end of August 2012! Be part of it and help them fund it on their kickstarter page. specs and video after the break

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