Model of the day: Lina Sandberg: Sony Nex-7, Carl Zeiss 24mm 1.8

Just playing around, more Lina Sandberg soon…
Shot with the Sony Nex-7 and the Carl Zeiss 24mm 1.8 at 1080/60p, Creative Style: Neutral. Contrast, saturation, sharpness: -3. ISO 800 and 1600. White balance: 5600K. Minor curve adjustment and sharpening in post, no color corrections. That’s it! First time I had a chance to shoot video with the Nex 7 and I was impressed how flat and gradable these clips were, especially for ISO 800 and 1600! If you like what you hear, buy it here: Martin Solveig, Hello.

Street shooter comparison: Sony Nex 7, Pansonic GX1


One of the great things about street photography is that we only need one camera and one lens. We could get philosophical about the art of street photography, quote famous photographers, discuss the illusion of reality in a photograph or why we see what we see. Instead, lets fast forward and look at two very capable cameras which allow us to capture “decisive moments”, the Panasonic GX1 and Sony Nex 7. It is great to see camera manufacturers embracing a “less is more”, back to the basics attitude. Exciting times indeed. The list of serious street cameras keeps growing and there is no end in sight, just take a look at the recently announced Fuji X Pro1.

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Nikon D800 + Atomos Ninja = Heaven ?

Sure looks very promising, high resolution for professional studio shoots, 6fps in DX mode, full manual video mode and manual sound control via head phone jack and uncompressed HDMI out, hook up the Atomos Ninja, and record 4:2:2 uncompressed, clean video. This is huge. On a 500GB hard drive we can record approx 4 1/2 hours of video! No more time limits. Monitor live view AND camera live view. Time to undust my old MF Nikon lens collection. I preordered one at BH. And the Ninja. I can’t wait to try this baby.
In the mean time, check out the official video after the break

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Portrait of the day: Alex Samoshkin: Sony Nex 7, Concept grip

Shutter speed 1/400 F 5.6 ISO 100 LA-EA2 Tamron 90mm Macro

above: my idea for the perfect Nex 7 grip

A few portraits of Alex, shot with the mighty impressive Sony Nex 7 (available for preorder for march 1st!). Ah, you noticed the grip? Something I have been (and still am) missing on this camera from day one, especially when the shooting gets serious. More after the break

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Dittos Jeans F/W 2012: the retro shoot, a few favorites: Canon 5D mark II


Hey, designers like Marc Newson aren’t the only ones going backwards these days, retro is always fun, scroll down and check out a few shots from the Dittos Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, I wish I had the Pentax K-01 for this shoot, as a prop of course (shot with a Canon 5D2, the 24-70mm, 24-105mm, the 24mm 1.4 and 35mm 1.4) it would have been fun to watch our model Bruna react to that funky looking camera and fool around with it! There is lots of excitement right now for us gear heads, new releases from Pentax, Fuji and Olympus, but wait, you are probably wondering why I keep mentioning these cameras when really I should be talking about this particular shoot.

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