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November 28, 2011

Morning Sky NYC: Sony SLT A77

Snapped before heading out for my run this morning.

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November 26, 2011

Must Have Accessory for Canon 5D2 and 7D Video Shooters: LockPort UNIVERSAL

I received the LockPort UNIVERSAL two days ago and can’t believe I survived without one! As much as I enjoy my Zacuto Pro EVF and Cineroid, essential add-ons for video shooters, I don’t trust the flimsy mini HDMI connection on the camera. Actually, I hate it. The slightest touch to the HDMI cable might interrupt the signal to the EVF. Read on after the break

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November 24, 2011

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2011: Sony SLT A77: Firmware 1.04

When I checked Sonyalpharumors this morning, there was a link to the unofficial 1.04 firmware, just on time as I was on my way out the door to get to the thanksgiving parade. more after the break

November 19, 2011

Sony LA-EA2: A Clever Way for System Expansion And Integration

The camera market is changing and Sony appears to be one of the few companies listening AND reacting to customer demands. Take a look at the recently announced compact enthusiast mirrorless Nex-7, it immediately became one of the most anticipated and discussed cameras, soaring to the top of preorder charts. With the LA EA2 Sony is giving us something very practical. With its 15 AF sensors (three cross type) this adapter focuses just as fast as

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November 16, 2011

Holiday Travel: Ultra Lite Camera/Video Kit – Heavy On Image Quality And Versatility

Holiday season is around the corner and it is nice to think about getting away for a while, a family visit, a ski/snowboard vacation, the beach, an exotic island or country. Don’t know about you but I am planning to take a decent camera and a few lenses. Well, at least two lenses. Hmmmm, a standard zoom and a wide angle zoom will do nicely.
Ok, I am packed, ready to take off and head to the airport, one medium suitcase to check, one carry on and the mac book air. Man, it’s kinda heavy, feels like I am going on a shoot, and I haven’t even packed my 5D2 with the 24 70mm yet, maybe I take the 24 105mm instead, it is a lot lighter. I am a master when it comes to compressed packing, if you think a 24MP CMOS sensor packs a lot of pixels, you should see my suitcase. I am sure there is still space in my carry on. Hang on, there we go, all good if I don’t take the 17 40mm, feeling kinda deflated now, I force myself to think I will be fine without it, but I know better. I could ask my girlfriend, wait no, she spotted me eying her carry on and this seems to cause abnormal activity in her brain, I quickly turn and walk away, hoping she won’t go into a seizure. Screw it! I will just take my cell phone, it has the 8mp camera. It will be fine. Or I take a snapshot camera, one of those with a small sensor….. now this feels like cheating on photography.

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