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September 30, 2011

Rode VideoMic Pro: Flimsyness Quick fix

I have been using the excellent Rode VideoMic Pro since the day it became available, fantastic little unit, perfect fit for Dslr’s. The option to set it to -10db and +20db, the permanently lit green diode during operation sets it apart from the rest of the pack. However, there are two major issues with this product,

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Olympus ED 45mm 1.8, AF Autofocus Test

The Olympus 12mm lens is definitely my favorite wide angle for the M43 mount and today the 45mm 1.8 arrived. A great portrait lens, acts like 90mm on full frame, love the size and built. Only thing-I really want it in black (the lens in black after the break).
I was surprised how fast and silent this lens focuses,

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September 27, 2011

Sony Nex 5n compared vs. Sony Nex FS100: ungraded/graded clips 1080/60i

Maybe a little crazy to compare the Sony Nex FS100, a $5,000 camera against the Sony Nex 5n, which will only delete 600 bucks from your bank account. Why compare these two cameras? Simple, I just had to know. Besides, both cams are fitted with an almost identical size sensor
(the FS100 with a super 35mm size sensor, the Nex 5n with an APS C size sensor) full manual controls over shutter speed , aperture, iso settings, white balance, focus peaking.

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September 23, 2011

Go See Moments: Polina & Lisette from Ford

Lisette & Polina from Ford came by today, love their look, snapped with the Sony Nex 5N in manual mode and a 35mm c mount lens.

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Redrock Micro/Electronic aperture control/Canon Eos to M4/3 lens adapter, available now!

This is fantastic! Now we can use our Canon L lenses with full electronic aperture control on the GH2, the AG100! It will work on any M4/3 camera from Panasonic and Olympus! A great product, can’t wait to get my hands on it. Available at a discount right now directly from Redrock. Limited quantity and no plans as of now to sell through retailers…
I am currently using the reasonably priced Bower Canon Eos to M43 adapter with aperture control, no electronic communication with the body, works great with prime lenses, no quality loss. Zoom lenses will produce a strong vignette, not recommended. The electronic version from Redrock will work with any Canon lens, prime, zoom and even some 3rd party lenses…

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