Lower East Side People: Canon 5D mark II

Lowa East Side People: Canon 5D mark II from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Video portraits: The idea was to shoot video that looks like “breathing” photographs and use transitions that look like closing and opening aperture blades on a large format camera. The east village is the perfect place for this kind of project, known for its diverse community, one will find the most interesting faces to photograph. Tripod, 5D2 with 100mm 2 and 75mm-150mm, one afternoon of shooting. Enjoy! Music: http://mathieu.lozinguez.free.fr/

High Line Twilight: Canon 7D, ISO 6400, 720/60p

High Line Twilight: Canon 7D, ISO 6400, 720/60P from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Update: Finally had a chance to finish this little project, a few new clips from another walk on the high line, this time the iso was limited to 3200. the clip at 1:12 was shot at iso 1600. Most color was shot during twilight and total darkness, iso ranging from 1600 to 6400.the b/w was shot at iso 400 during daylight hours . After running noise reduction the 6400 shots at 1:30, 1:38. 2:20 through 3:30 look much improved, not ideal but usable. I will limit my highest iso setting to 3200 and only use 6400 for emergencies. The camera produces the best quality from iso 100 to iso 2000, and 2000 looks like iso 400 on many other cameras!
The 7D is definitely a bit noisier then the 5D2 but hey, its okay, the images obtained are unobtainable with most other cameras. Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 (my back up lens) lots of shots wide open, very sharp. Tokina 11-16mm and 12-24mm, Nikon 75-150mm.The clips are mostly ungraded, except for noise reduction, b/w was done in post, some clips slowed to 24p, some sped up. Music: Hiding on the Hill, by Dikayl Rimmasch.

NYC Pizza: Canon 7D, 720/60p

NYC Pizza: Canon 7D, 720/60p from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Was in mood for pizza this afternoon and visited my favorite pizzerias in the Lower East Side.
Canon 7D, shot hand held, 17-55mm and 11-16mm, both at 2.8, 720/60p, Iso range 100 to 1600. Manual white balance, Sennheiser MKE 400 (with dead mouse wind shield attached) and skylight filters to keep the grease off the lenses.
check’em out when in NYC,
502E 14th Street, 212 573 0671
Artichoke on 14th Street between 1st and 2nd Ave. (can’t miss it)
The Pizza Shop, 110 Ave A,
Muzzarella Pizza, 221 Ave A (yup, that’s how its spelled)
Viva Herbal Pizzeria, 179 2nd Ave.