Brooklyn Bridge, NYC: Canon 5D mark II

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC: Canon 5D mark II

Brooklyn Bridge: Canon 5D mark II from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

The Brooklyn bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, a National Landmark.
The Brooklyn bridge is part of my running route. There is something magical about running/walking/biking over this bridge. It always feels special, never boring, esp running, once you hit the board walk, you become part of the bridge, you make it shake. I became very much aware of the shake during my shooting, every time a bike, a walker or runner went by, my tripod jumped, same goes for the traffic of course, but that was expected, what really surprised me was how much shake one person can generate just walking. Had to run steady cam in FCP on almost every clip. Shot with my two favorite lenses, the Nikon 17-35mm and 75-150mm. Music: Philip Glass, 1000 Airplanes, you can buy it here:

8 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bridge, NYC: Canon 5D mark II

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Joseph and Dave. Dave, I am planning on a workshop this fall, getting many requests like your. will email you.

  2. Dave K.

    I really like your work, Mike. I especially like your use of the fluid tripod head repeatedly in many of your shots. your composition is impeccable. It would be fun to go shooting with you sometime.

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Joe. I have not noticed it much yet, but when it is too bad I just drop the clip. I had it mostly in fashion photographs shot with the original 5D. the mk2 seems to have a stronger anti aliasing filter.

  4. Joe

    Not really necessary to mention that your work is very professional. Respect and thank you for the inspiration! I became kind of an aliasing hunter concerning the 5D and I saw remarkably few of it in this footage though the Brooklyn bridge certainly is not the easiest location to avoid it. (And I remember now how shaky it is, though it is many years ago that I crossed it ;))

    Do you have any special trick to avoid aliasing? Keeping objects slightly out of focus? Or a favourit filter? Thanks a lot in advance for your input!

  5. christina

    Mike – there is some quality in your work that I just can’t quite pin down – for now I will just call it sensitivity – After seeing what you’ve done with this camera, I am looking at shooting video in a whole new way – and I really appreciate that you share the tech aspects of each peice- very generous of you.

  6. Alex Chong

    HI, Nice video. I get jerky video playing off my pc. Not sure why. Is there a video plugin I need to download to play video on Vimeo properly. The same computer plays Youtube HD movie ok. Thanks.

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