from me to you, from you to me

from me to you, from you to me

Rock&Roll: Canon 5Dmk2 from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Soma magazine invited me to contribute to the Rock&Roll issue (out in July), I was very lucky my friend Daniela, one of the hottest models in town, was available for this shoot. The main focus was to capture great images for the magazine (click the photo tab, top left on this block to check the photographs), but I did manage to get a few video clips during this shoot. Check her out, she is amazing. Shot with the Canon 5Dmk2, 24-70mm and 75-150mm, Arri 2k. Editing: pretty much out of the box, shot monochrome, level adjustment, FCP. Music: “The Warning”, Keygrip, from the album “vis-a-vis”, if you like what you hear, check them out at
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11 thoughts on “from me to you, from you to me

  1. nishant

    very cool man. looks professional and your model friend is definitely a hottie.

    i want that camera

  2. paul stone

    Mike, did you transcode the video to 24p? The motion looks a little off. What was your process for editing the qtime movie out of the camera.

    Video looks great! Keep up the good work.


  3. christina

    The Arri, monochrome and the smoking scene = the narrative.

    Quite a story telling palette Mike! and you pulled it off. I watched this hitting the pause button every few frames – Beautiful!

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