Alexa: Nikon D90

Alexa: Nikon D90

Alexa from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Alexa, another Nikon D90 hybrid project. Not enough time to shoot lots of video, mainly photos this time, and uhmmm, ja, lensbabies again. We shot it in the evening on my friend’s rooftop in Brooklyn, to access it, we climbed out the kitchen window. Very windy. A good tripod (preferably with additional weight hanging from it) is a must. Silver/white reflectors. Music: Love her madly, The Doors. (couldn’t help it)

9 thoughts on “Alexa: Nikon D90

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks John. Usually I have a pretty clear idea (concept) of what I want to do, but I keep it flexible, in case I realize what I want to shoot is impossible to get or would be too difficult, the concept will be changed on the spot – experience has thought me it is much easier to change concepts then realities.

  2. John Byrne

    HOw did you come up with your shot list? Did you plan this all out or just do it on the fly? It is so well conceived. Really creative. Was post arduous? Did you selectively blur out certain frames? Are you using Final Cut? I love your work.

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